All booking enquiries should be made to

NWCA bookings clerk, Annie Burden
on telephone number: 07810 004424
or  email     FNWCABookings@gmail.com

You can call Annie to make a booking or to arrange a viewing of the building to check if its suits your purpose.

Alternatively contact the Association's Chairman at  FNWCAChair@gmail.com
Community Centre booking fees are:

Minimum fee = 12 for one hour
Up to two hours = 20.00
Morning, Afternoon or Evening session (3 hours) = 30.00
All day (9am till 5pm) = 50.00
Full payment is requested in advance at the time of booking to secure venue.


By Hiring the North West Community Centre, you agree to the terms of hiring:
* You agree to leave the centre in a clean and tidy condition.
* All rubbish is the responsibility of the hirer, and should be taken away with you.
* All windows and doors must be closed, and radiators turned off, before you leave.
* No furniture or kitchen supplies is to be taken from the centre.
* DBS checks are the responsibility of any groups who require them.
* Any electrical equipment brought in must be checked to make sure it is fit for use.
* Refunds will only be given if more than 48hours notice is given of a cancellation.

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